Roger LeFevre is a seasoned leader in eCommerce outsourcing management and services. All encompasses Services that are digital Marketing, web development, call center outsourcing services, order fulfillment, and warehousing.

Roger’s goal is that all companies, no matter the size, should receive the same high-quality value service any fortune 500 company would receive. Each brand that works with Roger LeFevre has a specialized marketing team focused on growing the brand’s presence and sales. The team manages all the minor and major details of growing your business through social media, PPC, SEO, eMail, and affiliate network marketing.

Roger LeFevre brings a wealth of successful experience in marketing and sales, but also finance, and law. He is the CEO and founder of three successful end-2-end eCommerce companies:  VITAL BGSSizzle Factor, and RUGGED COMMERCE. Each company specializing in different markets to better cater to each client’s industry. Roger’s other experience consists of being Chief Executive Officer of Target Interact US, LLC [formerly ACI Telecommunications Corporation (ACI)]. Prior to ACI, he served as Vice President of Consolidated Leasing Company, an affiliate of McDonnell Douglas Finance Corporation, which was then a Fortune 25 company.

Roger LeFevre has been a call center trailblazer and a nationally recognized expert for his leadership in advancing multimedia call center technologies. In 1996-97, he led the development collaboration between ACI and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) to create the first-ever IP-based Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). That client/server application enabled real-time multimedia interactions directly over the Internet.


eCommerce White Paper Series

e2e eCommerce for Smart People

End-2-End eCommerce for Smart People

By Roger LeFevre & Kevin Vlahos

Learn everything necessary to make your online presence known and highly functional. Create a truly outstanding experience for costumers through a flawless End-2-End eCommerce integration. Find all the essentials needed for an online eCommerce business to grow and succeed.

Why Web Hosting Matters and Keeping your Site in Check by Roger LeFevre

Why Hosting Matters and Keeping your Site In-Check

By Roger LeFevre & Kevin Vlahos

This guide was designed to inform business owners the importance of: Capacity Scaling, Managing Users, Routine Failovers, Load Balancing, including all things maintenance; CDN and Cyber Security. Become an educated business person. Learn the details and inner workings of an eCommerce platform that go past the aesthetics of a web page.

eCommerce Webpage Design and Development by Roger LeFevre

eCommerce Design and Development

By Roger LeFevre & Kevin Vlahos

Create a truly well designed elegant website that goes beyond aesthetics. The design and development white paper was created for you to find all the essential elements that go into building a beautiful website. Craft a site with purpose and function with the capacity of capturing your users’ intrigue to make your desired action, may it be a sale, download, or a sign-up.

Digital Marketing for eCommerce Businesses by Roger LeFevre

How to Grow your Business with Digital Marketing

By Roger LeFevre & Kevin Vlahos

Website with the proper design and security will easily keep your users on your site and coming back for more. The hard part is having users discover your brand. Digital marketing encompasses so many aspects that will drive traffic to your site. The marketing white paper in this series was designed to give a broad understanding marketing topics that include: SEO, PPC, Social Media, eMail, Affiliate Network and Behavioral Retargeting.

Managed eCommer Operation By Roger LeFevre

Managed Operations

By Roger LeFevre & Kevin Vlahos

Once your site has been built and designed it times for the important backend details that makes it possible for sites to safely accept payments and for customers to have a quality brand experience while using your newly minted site. All things that are required to have successful eCommerce business: Assisted Site Navigation & Customer Service, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Payment Processing and Fraud Prevention, Multijurisdictional Sales Tax Collection, Shipping Considerations, Exchanges, Returns, and Restocking

International Considerations by Roger LeFevre & Kevin Vlahos

International Consideration

By Roger LeFevre & Kevin Vlahos

As the ever-expanding world of eCommerce continues to service more and more people on an international playing field, the need to accommodate an increasing number of cultures, languages and people becomes more apparent. Learn to expand your eCommerce business on a global scale.